Principle Investigator

Dr. Rupak Banerjee

Associate Professor, Physics Discipline


Dr. Rupak Banerjee is  an experimental condensed matter Physicist by training with expertise in the area of "Nanotechnology." Dr. Banerjee obtained his Ph.D. in Physics from the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (University of Calcutta). His doctoral work focused on the ordering, structural properties, and morphology of self-assembled nanostructured materials at surfaces and interfaces. He moved on to Germany as a postdoc where he worked on organic semiconductors employed in photovoltaics and plasmonics. He joined IIT Gandhinagar in July 2015. His area of research includes Nanoscience in energy applications, Physics of Surface and Interfaces, and Material Science.


Ph.D. Students


Nisha Hiralal Makani

Ph.D. Student (2018- present)

Growth and structure of nanostructure-embedded organic thin films

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Manoj Singh

Ph.D. student (2019- present)

Nanomaterials for energy applications


Vishakha Takhar


Growth and characterization of metal-oxide based gas sensors




Dr. Utsav

Ph.D. Student (2016-2021)
Presently Postdoc at IISER Mohali

Thesis: Dynamics of self-assembly in silicon-based nanostructures at surfaces and interfaces


Dr. Vijendra Singh Bhati

Postdoc (2020-2021)
Scientist & Facility Manager at IFFCO Gandhinagar

Research area: Metal Oxide Semiconductor Based Gas Sensors


Post-doctoral Members


Tufan Paul

Postdoc (2021-)

Research area: Halide Perovskites as Multifunctional Materials


Masters Students

Presently pursuing Master's Thesis

Lokesh Tanwar (MSc 2021-22)
Prabhat Kumar (MSc 2021-22)
Dewanshi (MSc 2021-22)

Graduated after Master's Thesis

Vinod Kumar (MSc 2020-21)
Kaushal Meena (MSc 2020-21)
Sheela Meena (MSc 2020-21)
Neeraj Meena (MSc 2019-20)
Karishma Gupta (MSc 2018-19)
Nikhil Sharma (MSc 2018-19)
Gourav Kumar (MSc 2017-18)
Samten Bhutia (MSc 2017-18)
Anirban Mandal (MSc 2016-17)